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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

These are some of our frequently asked questions!  If we haven't answered a question you have please don't hesitate to contact us!   (780)-740-4100 OR

Question: What do you pick up? 

Answer: Please refer to our Rates and Services page for all the details of our services.

Question: What is not accepted?

Answer: Styrofoam, sod, pet waste, drywall, oil, oil filters and household chemicals.

Question: Do we have to sort our recyclables? 

Answer: Yes. We ask that recyclables are partially separated into three categories. 1) Plastics 2) Paper (incl. cardboard) 3) Other Household Items like Metal and Glass. For detailed information on partial separation please see our Rates and Services page. We are committed to making recycling affordable and convenient! Partial separation and bin storage allows us to pass the cost savings and convenience onto our customers!

Question: What do we store our recyclables in?  

 Answer: Blue or clear plastic bags. We also offer blue bins, 4 bins including lids for $60.00 plus gst.

Question: How does curbside pickup work? 

Answer: The customer places their recyclables in bins (bagged).  The bins are placed at the curbside or patio on pickup day.

Question: What day is recycling pickup day? 

Answer: We will pick up your recyclables on the same day as garbage day (set by the Town of Hinton).   If you don't have curbside garbage pick up we will arrange a curbside recycling pick up date for you. 

Question: Is there a limit on the amount of bags TRI-R Enviro Services Inc. will pick up each time?

Answer: Tri –R Enviro Inc. Services encourages Hinton residents to recycle as much as possible! Therefore we have NO bag limit. We understand initial pickups can be quite large, but we have found that bi-weekly pickups make recycling manageable for the customer as well as Tri-R Enviro Services Inc.

Question: I run a business from my home. Is my material safe from fraudsters? 

Answer: Tri-R Enviro Services Inc. cannot guarantee the safety of private documents as all materials are disposed at a public recycling facility. We recommend that our customers shred (Cross shredding provides the best security) any and all sensitive materials before placing in bins.

Question: Would you pick up for my business as well? 

Answer: Tri-R Enviro Services Inc. offers commercial services in addition to their residential service.  Please contact our Sales Manager Tracy at (780)-740-4100 to receive a quote.

Question: How Do We Get Started? Answer: Please call or email us to start your journey to a Greener Hinton today!  

Our Sales Manager Tracy can be contacted at (780)-740-4100. We also accept email inquiries to

All we need is your name, address, and phone number to start your new service with us.