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Recycle Services

Not sure what's recyclable?

TRI-R Enviro Services Inc. will pick up items listed here. 

At this time we are not able to accept any styrofoam, sod or pet waste, compost/food material, drywall or construction waste, automobile glass, light bulbs, coloured glass, ceramics, and china.

NOTE: We now take Paint Cans, Ink Cartridges, Household Batteries, and for an additional fee we will now take your Grass Clippings. - May, 2019

TRI-R Enviro Services Inc. has 2 programs.

A) Partial separation of your recyclables into the following four  categories. 

1) Plastics 

2) low grade

4) newspapers, office paper 

3) Tin, glass, ink cartridges, household batteries and aerosol cans

  • Four bins (pictured above) can be purchased for quick and easy separation of your recyclables. 
  • $545.00 + GST for three (4) bins (lids  signage included) 


Partial separation and bin storage allows us to pass the cost savings and convenience onto our customers! Please use clear or blue plastic bags ONLY!


All plastic containers & bags.  Plastics must be clean and free of all food, liquids and debris. (Some examples include: plastic wrap, cheese wrappers, snack bars, plastic egg cartons, K-cups, coffee lids) 


We accept all office paper, low grade paper, cardboard, newspapers & magazines. 

Office Paper: colour, bond, photocopy, NCR, fax, telephone message notes, 'Post-It' notes or loose leaf papers, file folders, envelopes and shredded paper. Paper clips and staples are OK.  

Low Grade Paper: Construction paper, brown paper bags, blueprints, paper egg cartons, carbon paper, cereal and cracker boxes, sugar, flour & pet food bags.   

Cardboard: We accept all corrugated cardboard. All cardboard must be flattened and very large boxes must be cut down into smaller pieces (Max size 3ft x 3ft).

Newspapers and Magazines: All newspapers, tv guides, comics, flyers, inserts and auto traders All glossy magazines, catalogues, flyers, etc.   


Clear Glass & Tin Cans: All household glass jars are accepted, clear only. Jars and tin cans must be clean and free of all food, liquids and debris.  Lids and labels must be removed. Broken and whole glass acceptable  

Household Batteries: Rechargeable and alkaline batteries. Batteries must be bundled and bagged together.   

Household Aerosol Cans: Hairspray, air freshener, mousse, bug spray   

Refundable Containers: Pop, Juice, Milk, Beer, Water, Wine, Liquor 

Home Office: Printer ink cartridges (bagged separately)


All items listed in one bag. With a NO bag limit for your convenience.

  • If needing bins - we have Blue Bin with Lid for $22 + gst.

Please use Blue or Clear Bags ONLY!

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"A few weeks ago I forgot to put out our garbage bin before leaving for work (despite my husband reminding me). We came home that day, expecting to see our bin overflowing, but instead we opened it and saw one garbage bag. As a family of four, we used one bag for the entire week and we have continued this trend since. Thank you so much for providing such a great service!"

Shauna Koopmans-Saretzky

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Recycling Made Easy

Want to recycle but can't find the time?

TRI-R Enviro Services Inc is here to help!

We offer curbside recycling pick-up service for residents and businesses in Hinton and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us?

Owned and operated by two Hintonites that have a passion for recycling.

Working in cooperation with the Town of Hinton and Edson Recycle Depot. 

Check out our story in The Hinton Voice.

We're striving to help Hinton go Green and reduce the carbon footprint within our local landfill.

What we have to offer!

TRI-R Enviro Services Inc. makes recycling fast, easy and convenient for Hinton residents and businesses. 

  • We offer bi-weekly curbside pickup services for our residents
  • Customizable curbside pickup services for local businesses
  • No bag limits

Flexible and convenient payment schedules (Direct Deposit, MasterCard and Visa)

Interested in Recycling?

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